The Neirynck Collection

This website presents the collection of paintings from the second half of the 20th century assembled by Thomas Neirynck (1924-2010). The works are mainly abstract, in the tradition of the Jeune Peinture Belge and the Cobra, two movements in which Belgian artists became internationally renowned.

When Thomas Neirynck donated his collection to the King Baudouin Foundation so as to ensure its perpetuity, the Foundation made a commitment to him to make the collection accessible to everyone. It has fulfilled this commitment by entrusting the collection to the BAM (Beaux-Arts Mons), which organizes exhibitions each year to showcase certain works in the collection and, on each occasion, to take a new look at the works. Furthermore, thanks to this wesbite, art historians, researchers, artists and art lovers now all have access to this unique source of information.

All of the works shown here are subject to reproduction rights. It is therefore strictly forbidden to reproduce them without the artist's authorization or that of the copyright owner. Some works have not been illustrated here out of respect for the artist's choice or the owner of the rights.